Don't let clouded thinking make you forget the network

According to a recent study by the Cloud Industry Forum, nearly half of UK organisations are using some form of cloud computing, and almost all of the other organisations surveyed intend to do so. In the 4th of his columns for Outsource magazine, Michel Robert discusses the importance of the network to businesses that outsource, or intend to outsource, parts of their IT infrastructure - and to the successful operation of their cloud service.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the wonders of the cloud and the business benefits available, and only consider the means of accessing and retrieving your data as an afterthought. The good news is that, with good due diligence, it’s relatively easy to have the right networking solution and cloud service provider for your business. This in turn will ensure cost-effective and reliable access to, and operation of, your cloud-based infrastructure. Michel Robert, MD at Claranet UK

Article: Don't let clouded thinking make you forget the network
Source: Outsource magazine