Customer communication: 26.03.2020 COVID-19 Claranet update on Network and Communication service status

Extraordinary times require extraordinary efforts and Claranet Service Operations and Service Delivery have deployed our continuity plans to ensure we continue to support and deliver your critical infrastructures.

We have put in additional proactive monitoring across our key systems to ensure that we are able to react fast and continue to respond to your changing needs.

Specifically, within Delivery we are experiencing extensive changes within our supply chain as our fibre providers, including Openreach, have announced impact to their day to day operations.

These changes don’t stop our ability to accept orders, but all lead times are subject to change. We are continually monitoring the situation and will update when appropriate.

BT Openreach latest statement: 24.03.2020
MBORC declaration for all Openreach products

The BT MBORC (Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control) declaration notification is issued as a special message to all Openreach customers due to the impact of COVID-19 in the UK

Due to the effects of extensive Government restrictions across the UK, Openreach’s day-to-day operational activities are seriously impacted.

Link to full BT statement.

The changes will impact the following:

  • New provides
  • Modify orders
  • Voice porting
  • Existing appointments
  • Service Delivery Escalation and expedite processes
  • Customer Support Engineer Breakfix

New provides:
For New provides, we are seeing extended lead times across the order journey for the following services:

  • Broadband services – No appointment availability until at least 1st June.
  • Ethernet delivery – Restrictions for field-based activities due to the Openreach national MBORC (Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control) statement.
  • Onsite engineering – To reduce engineer travel, only business-critical activities are being appointed.

Modify orders:
For modify, we are also seeing extended lead times across the following services:

  • Bandwidth changes
  • DSL to FTTC upgrades
  • Data Centre bandwidth increases
  • Router changes
  • Service shifts and modifications

Voice porting:
Openreach have also suspended all Voice porting, including anything that is currently scheduled. New Hosted Voice provisions are still operating as normal.

Existing appointments:
At present, all existing appointments are being honoured by our supply chain, but this is being monitored daily, and we anticipate this will change.

Escalation and Expedite processes:
Across all product types, all Escalation and Expedite processes have been suspended with the network carriers. This applies unless the service qualifies as part of national critical infrastructure.

Customer Support Engineer Breakfix:
Openreach are focussing their resources to make sure that orders and faults continue to progress to minimise any delays.

Engineers have been asked to avoid close human contact with end customers where possible when working to restore service.

If an engineer cannot get working service outside of the premises, they can enter if they feel it is safe to do so and will assess any potential risks inline with their updated guidance procedures.

  • Time in the premises will be limited to essential tasks only
  • Special arrangements are being put in place for vulnerable customers we are working with Openreach to prioritise as appropriate

Services not currently impacted:
The following services are not impacted by any extended lead times for both New provides and Modify:

  • Remote Worker SSL VPN
  • 2FA
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Hosted Voice (excluding porting)
  • Firewalls provision (excluding onsite engineering)
  • New Routers (excluding onsite engineering)

Claranet are completely focused on supporting the NHS, key workers, critical national infrastructure and our customer community. We are continually monitoring the situation and will update when appropriate.