Cloud Pro: Claranet goes cloud with Virtual Data Centre

Extract taken from Cloud Pro

Managed service provider offers a new cloud service with location in mind.

Claranet today launched a new cloud service, with a strong focus on keeping your data in the location you want.

Companies are increasingly under pressure from regulators to keep their data in specific regions or countries, whilst the fear of not knowing where data is being held has stopped many from adopting cloud services.

Claranet is using this to sell its product – Virtual Data Centre – telling users it can store both its applications and data in its chosen countries, running on hosted enterprise level IT infrastructure.

Its own survey showed 85 per cent of businesses citing data security as the “biggest risk factor” of moving to the cloud. Rather than accessing the cloud services over the internet, the former ISP is offering companies the option of connecting to its infrastructure using their own private wide area network, removing fears of latency and even more security issues.

Although some would say this detracts from Virtual Data Centre being a ‘cloud’ service, the firm is keen to promote its other aspects synonymous with cloud computing – a self-service portal to manage IT, instant access to infinite resources and 24/7 support.

“Many businesses start out by just using the cloud for web hosting a mass-market service provides everything they need,” said Michel Robert, managing director of Claranet UK. “But as these businesses become more comfortable with the cloud, they often want to reap some of the other benefits – and place business applications in the cloud.”

“However, these may need much higher availability and have specific data protection requirements that the mass-market cloud may not meet.”

“On the other hand, enterprise cloud is designed to work with enterprise-grade IT systems, which means it is more resilient, and compatible with a wider range of IT components” he added.

“The Claranet Virtual Data Centre is a different proposition, delivering a network-integrated cloud – so that users can connect to their cloud solution with their private wide area network without using the public internet for connectivity.”

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