Claranet works with Five to retune their digital operation

This month's cover story for Computing magazine features Five's Senior Technology Manager, François Chabat who discusses the network’s recent overhaul of its digital department and the benefits they have received through working with Claranet to reposition themselves as a strong force within the world of internet broadcasting.

With Five’s recent expansion into online broadcasting, they realised the need for a stable and secure web hosting infrastructure. Five decided to outsource technical aspects of its hosting and application management to Claranet, which has since given their online team the freedom to focus on meeting the demands of their increasing online audience.

Since working with Claranet, the number of monthly unique visitors to Five’s website portfolio has increased by 28% in 2009 to an average of 1.83 million—and rising.

The objective was to have a consistent relationship with one host that would provide us with streamlined operational processes.”

Chabat says that by consolidating its online operations in one place, Five was able to save money on web hosting by striking a deal with just one provider, Claranet.

Source:, 8th July 2010

You can read François Chabat’s full interview in the July 2010 edition of Computing magazine. You can also read the interview online at

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