Claranet upgrades its core network

  • First installation of new Cisco routers in Europe
  • Continued investment in Claranet’s technologies and platforms

As part of an ongoing investment in its infrastructure, Claranet has invested over £1million to upgrade its UK core network. The Managed Services Provider completed the second phase of a major network upgrade in July 2014, part of the continued integration of Star following its acquisition in November 2012. The upgrade sees two distinct networks merged into one, delivering a faster, more efficient, and more flexible infrastructure to cater for customer requirements and significant growth in internet traffic.

Since 2012, Claranet has been running the two core networks (Claranet and Star) in parallel. The integration of the two legacy networks into a single core infrastructure, comprising of next generation Cisco ASR9900 series router - ensures that Claranet can offer its complete suite of products and services to all customers from a single platform. The first installation of this series of routers in Europe, the new technology is fit to meet the increasing demands on the MSP’s network, offering advanced features, greater stability, more efficiency and faster processors.

Claranet’s UK Managing Director, Michel Robert, said: “When we acquired Star in 2012, we inherited a network that met our requirements, but would not scale to what we felt would be required in the future. As a result, we decided to invest in a next-generation network infrastructure to support the expanded UK business.

“As a business, our integrated network is part of our core proposition, helping to guarantee our customers high-performance and secure cloud services, based on enterprise-class technology with a single SLA. But cloud services are only as reliable as the network on which they are delivered, and as enterprises place more business-critical applications in the cloud, network quality of service, reliability, and security become increasingly important. Regular upgrades and investment are therefore critical for maintaining optimal performance, ensuring that we can continue to deliver next-generation network architecture and a platform that will serve the changing needs of our customers,” Robert concluded.

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