Claranet takes net zero to its customers with 'GreenOps' launch

Claranet’s new service will not only actively reduce costs of running workloads on cloud, it will also reduce the overall carbon footprint of the said workloads. Thus, contributing towards a bigger goal of business sustainability.

Global technology services provider Claranet has today announced its new GreenOps capabilities; a managed offering using cutting edge tooling to help customers better understand their carbon emissions, improve sustainability reporting across their business, and make carbon reduction recommendations with support from Claranet’s team of experts.

GreenOps is the practice of bringing together finance, technology, and business stakeholders to agree shared sustainability objectives and understand how they can be met whilst also maintaining a business advantage.

Mark Turner, Director of Cloud Business at Claranet, said:

Interestingly, IT forms about 3% of the total global greenhouse emissions. Any steps taken to reduce carbon emissions are paramount. This is where public cloud is becoming progressive. This is where public cloud is becoming a game changer with emphasis on the environmental impact of the cloud whilst ensuring that cloud services have the lowest possible environmental impact. 

"A big part of becoming a leaner, greener company is being able to actually show the progress you've made. We have seen huge demand for our FinOps and GreenOps services because they allow customers to understand, manage and track their costs and carbon output. Business cases for modern technologies can now show strong cost management, accurate cost forecasts, and even how they'll contribute to their organisation's long-term sustainability targets."

The cloud providers are constantly working to create more sustainable datacentres, and Claranet have tried and tested ways of optimising customers workloads to reduce their environmental impact.

Sandy Kahrod, Head of Portfolio Management at Claranet explains:

This is a service for customers who have adopted or will be adopting public cloud and want to ensure they are not only in control of their carbon emissions, but actively looking to reduce them. We have developed our own AI-driven GreenOps tooling because we couldn’t find anything else in the market that gave you granular enough cloud carbon emissions data to action change around specific applications or business departments.

“With the industry moving so fast around sustainability, we have experts that keep on top of this new and somewhat complicated area to make constant improvements to the carbon emissions data. Our solution is also multi-cloud, so customers can see all their cloud environments in one report using consistent language and terminology, because multiple reports slow down actionable change.”