Claranet takes an application-first approach at Cloud Expo Europe 2014

MSP to present latest cloud adoption findings from the Claranet Research Programme

Claranet, one of Europe’s leading managed service providers, will today detail the latest cloud adoption trends from the Claranet Research Programme at Cloud Expo Europe 2014. The show is the company’s first UK event since it acquired Portuguese MSP Echiron in February 2014, confirming their position as the leading managed services provider in Western Europe.

The acquisition of Echiron, which is the latest in a string of recent acquisitions, cements Claranet’s position in Portugal as the leading provider of managed hosting and applications services in the region. It means that customers will benefit from an expanded services portfolio as well as greater capabilities in Portugal.

Visitors to the Claranet stand will receive an early preview of how Claranet is exploiting new technology to address the demand for increased agility, flexibility, and availability. Show attendees will have the opportunity to see how Claranet can take one version of a client/server application and deploy it to any device, anywhere, anytime.

Michel Robert, Claranet’s UK Managing Director, said:

From our research, it is clear that the majority of UK businesses have their sights firmly set on the appropriate adoption of cloud services. The large-scale IT projects of old are gradually being phased out to a more service-based approach to IT procurement. Rather than charging head-on towards one type of infrastructure, businesses are now able to pick-and-choose the types of IT that are most appropriate for their individual applications."

“This application-centric approach gives businesses the flexibility to construct an IT estate that will support the needs of the organisation, evolving as-and-when required. It does, however, pose a challenge in terms of maintaining an integrated and functional approach given the likely hybrid mix of infrastructure required – some cloud based, some dedicated and potentially some on-site. With demand on IT set to continue to grow over the next 12-months, IT departments will need to work more closely with their service providers to migrate and integrate their services effectively.” Robert continued.

On the first day of the event (26th February), Mark Wilson, Claranet’s Senior Product Manager for Hosting, and Andrew Audsley, Product Manager for Business Applications, will be presenting on the topic of customer-focused innovation. The presentation will take place in the Cloud Management, Services and Applications theatre at 13:45, and they will be discussing the ways in which cloud is transforming the business IT estate.

Later that afternoon, Michel Robert, Claranet’s UK Managing Director, will present the latest cloud adoption trends from the Claranet Research Programme in the Keynote theatre at 16:15. Robert will discuss the ways in which cloud is facilitating business transformation and innovation, and will be joined by Richard Thomas, founder and CEO of NetEvidence, who will offer a first-hand account of their cloud migration, explaining why thinking application first matters.

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