Claranet steps up as key partner for businesses navigating VMware licensing shift

Claranet, a global technology services provider, today positions itself as a critical partner for UK businesses navigating the recent changes to the VMware Partner Program by Broadcom.

We're delighted to announce our achievement as a Pinnacle Partner for VMware by Broadcom. This recognition underscores our long-standing partnership, and we're excited to collaborate even more closely with them in the coming months.

VMware by Broadcom is simplifying their product offerings. As part of this, they've made changes to their partner program. Claranet is proud to be one of only eight Pinnacle partners, making us well-positioned to guide you through this transition, regardless of your specific needs.

While the landscape has shifted, Claranet remains committed to delivering seamless VMware and other cutting-edge solutions and expert guidance to our customers and UK businesses. Our extensive experience and industry-recognised expertise ensure a smooth transition for your business, regardless of your current VMware setup.

Embrace the future of VMware with confidence

At Claranet, we understand the complexities of navigating changes in the technology landscape. With our unwavering commitment to customer success and our deep understanding of VMware and other innovative solutions, we are your trusted partner for a smooth and successful transition.”

Elio da Silva, Head of Platforms and Data Centre, Claranet

Whether you're an end-customer with expiring licenses or a service provider with a mix of licensing models, Claranet's here to help. We'll ensure a smooth transition for you and your customers.

How Claranet can help

Stay Informed: Watch our latest webinar. Claranet is here for you. We're committed to supporting you and your customers with the latest information and resources to ensure you're prepared.

Don't hesitate to contact us – we'll help you navigate this transition and move forward successfully.