Claranet secures AWS Well-Architected Partner status

Claranet to deploy cloud expertise to help customers take full advantage of AWS’s tools and functionality.

Claranet has secured partner status in the AWS Well-Architected framework, a programme designed to help AWS users build the most-secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure for their applications. One of only a handful of authorised Well-Architected partners in the UK to have achieved the status, Claranet will deploy its extensive AWS expertise to help its customers harness the transformational benefits of the platform.

The Well-Architected programme was established by AWS as a best practice framework to provide customers and partners with a benchmark against which they can evaluate their AWS architectures. The framework is comprised of the five core pillars of operational excellence: security, reliability, performance, efficiency, and cost optimisation.

As an authorised Well-Architected partner, Claranet is working with end users to assess their existing AWS deployments against each of the five pillars, after which it provides comprehensive reports detailing optimisation recommendations identified. By leveraging the framework, the company is able to ensure that AWS deployments are able to help end users realise their business objectives.

Commenting on the framework, Tanaz Gould, Consultancy Director at Claranet, said:

AWS is a fantastic platform that is delivering transformational benefits to businesses worldwide, though it does require a degree of expertise to harness its full potential. Additionally, AWS is evolving at such as pace, with new tools and functionality being added all the time, that AWS architectures need to be reassessed regularly to ensure that they are fit-for-purpose and that they are using the platform to the greatest effect".

Well-Architected reviews are designed to address these issues and provide users with peace of mind that that their deployments have been configured to a high standard and that they are not being exposed to excessive costs or security risks. We are therefore delighted to have achieved AWS Well-Architected status.”