Claranet partners with BT and Broadsoft to deliver new hosted VoIP service

Hosted Voice: providing the next generation of telephony communications services

Claranet has partnered with BT and Broadsoft to guarantee the ease-of-use, reliability and quality of the most important aspect of your business communications: your voice.

Hosted Voice is Claranet's new hosted VoiP offering, powered by BT's Wholesale Centrex solution, providing a dedicated telephone system with:

• Physical telephone handsets

Soft phones

• Easy integration with smartphones and tablets

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With no need to install dedicated hardware, our cost-effective, flexible and straightforward IP telephony offering delivers the all of the functionality of an Enterprise grade PBX, delivered from a highly resilient hosted infrastructure with a single, predictable monthly cost.

Look forward to a suite of unified communications services that can be run from anywhere on any device. This standardised experience will result in a greater uptake from your users, and a quicker realisation of ROI.

Neil Thomas, Claranet’s Product Director, said:

“This latest product offering will allow our customers to unify their communications to create a universally accessible, innately resilient platform, which can be flexed up or down according to their business needs.

Putting your communications across our dedicated MPLS network means your business is not subject to the bandwidth fluctuations of the public internet. Claranet’s engineers can create and protect the optimum infrastructure for guaranteeing the quality of your communications.”

Business Benefits

Cost effective: with possible savings of up to 60% over legacy kit and lines

Reliable: built utilising a market-leading hosted unified communications platform

Flexible: enabling users to work from different locations and still be part of the overall communication service

Responsive: make changes in real time through the online portal – no need to wait for a certified engineer

1.4 million people have already made the decision to move to a Hosted Voice platform and every month, 100,000 more are joining them. Although there are many benefits in doing this, only the right the combination of network partner and Hosted Voice platform will guarantee your success.

BT have a longstanding reputation as specialists in the voice market, and not just because they own the UK telephony network. With the largest budget and most resilient infrastructure of any network partner, our heritage and close partnership with BT ensures our customers a great price and the lowest risk of any Hosted Voice provider.

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