Claranet Online: the new benchmark for interacting with MSPs

Did you know: as a Claranet customer, you have access to a new kind of service experience. It’s called Claranet Online.

Through Claranet Online, you can reach new levels of visibility and control over your Claranet services, with an experienced that’s tailored to you and mobile friendly. Claranet Online sets a new benchmark for how you can interact with managed service providers.

With new features being released every two months, Claranet Online is a continuously evolving channel that brings you ever closer to your IT services. Whether you’re out and about on your mobile, in the office on your desktop or on a tablet at home on the weekend, you have a direct line to the IT services and support that underpin your business.

With Claranet Online you can:

  • See how hard your services are working for you with intuitive reporting tools
  • Quickly raise, view and update support tickets
  • Monitor your orders and track invoices
  • Add, edit and remove your authorised contacts
  • Obtain the Claranet news and notifications relevant to you
  • Provide feedback directly into the Claranet Quality Team
  • Coming soon – purchase and scale your Claranet services, online

To get started with Claranet Online today, call us on 01452 631 240 then simply sign-in to add more users!

Claranet Online.png

Contact your Claranet Account Manager for more information.