Claranet launches new Data Services capabilities

Claranet’s new service takes the complexity out of processing and utilising data, allowing customers to grow their business and gain competitive advantage

London: Global technology services provider Claranet, has today announced its new Data Services capabilities; a tailored approach that maps out the customer's end-to-end data journey, from processing and visualising data to understanding how to use this data to drive business decisions.

In an increasingly digital world, cloud technology has allowed companies to streamline processes and increase cost-efficiency. One of the most significant advantages customers can expect from a sophisticated cloud strategy is the volume of data that becomes available. The problem for many is how to use and process this data efficiently to drive decisions, personalise actions, fuel interactions and power processes.

Mark Turner, Director of Cloud Business at Claranet, said:

At Claranet, we see cloud technology as a massive enabler that can give many customers a significant competitive advantage but change, especially during times of economic disruption, is intimidating. That’s why we’ve launched Claranet’s Data Services. With this service our customers understand how to use their date in an effective and impactful way and see great financial reward as we helping them to be more agile and flexible as they grow their business.

Claranet’s new Data Services help customers by taking the complexity out of designing and implementing a scalable platform and provides businesses with a tailored strategy for its customers' data journey. This tailored approach offers customers the flexibility, agility, and power of the cloud to grow their businesses for the future with Claranet also providing continual support and improvement to make sure they are getting the most out of their data and staying on top for cutting edge data services.

Mark adds:

The time to change is now. Cloud technology is disruptive and we are currently at a pivot point with a lot of companies deciding if they want to embrace this opportunity and run with it, or put it off. A lot of companies are uncertain about making the change due to fear around cost implications and the thought of a big operational change, but they shouldn’t be. Our job is to enable customers to get the most out of what cloud and data processing has to offer, to take the data that’s already available to them within their IT landscape and use the Cloud as a powerful tool to add real business value, quickly and easily. This helps businesses to be more agile, giving them the capability to understand their business by managing and processing data