Claranet launches its new generative AI solution with ‘AI Seeker’ to optimise the search for information

The search for information is often challenging given the various communication tools and channels such companies and employees have to handle such as emails, Slack, Teams, Confluence, and Sharepoint. This can lead to a productivity loss estimation of nearly one hour per day per employee.

Global technology services provider Claranet announces the launch of its new generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) offering, AI Seeker. This innovation allows employees to ask questions and get relevant answers almost immediately, making it easier to find information within the company.

AI Seeker uses intelligent models to understand and process texts effectively. It leverages Large Language Models (LLM) coupled with a “Retrieval Augmented Generation” (RAG) strategy to optimise and understand text accurately.

The solution has a defined database that organises and classifies relevant company, enabling the AI to focus on business relevant content. AI Seeker matches user questions to the most relevant documents, analysing and understanding by the meaning of words and sentences. Based on that analysis, the creates custom answers that are accurate and precise.

Claranet carried out an internal proof of concept that assessed the productivity gain garnered from documentary research. The company now offers support for customers to explore new use cases in several areas:

  • Insurance & mutual insurance: customer assistance to obtain information on the coverage of their insurance contract. This makes it possible to offer autonomy to the member to have personalised answers on the insurance coverage or their contract based on the reference documents.
  • Notarial and legal activities: assist in the search for information specific to a file and contextualize the response by synthesizing several legal and administrative documents.
  • E-commerce: have an interactive FAQ for use by customers and employees. Responses will be contextualised to the user and dynamically adjust as documentation is completed.
  • Engineering and consulting: capitalise on previous answers to construct even more relevant answers.

AI Seeker comes with several key features:

  • Multi-source connectivity: the solution seamlessly connects to different sources and tools and ensures smooth integration into the existing ecosystem.
  • Multilingual Compatibility: The solution supports documents in multiple languages, enabling efficient information retrieval for international businesses. Responses can also be tailored to the user's local language.
  • Integration with various internal tools: AI Seeker integrates with tools such as Slack, Teams or has its own conversational interface, providing centralised and simplified information search.
  • Permanent learning: the tool relies on user feedback to improve the feedback of information and the relevance of its responses.

Claranet deploys this solution across its customers' environments with ease, facilitating personalised adoption of AI.