Claranet launches Enterprise Backup service powered by Asigra

MSP boosts disaster recovery capabilities to better protect customer data

Managed services provider Claranet has launched Enterprise Backup, an enterprise-grade cloud backup and recovery service, supported by backup and recovery software specialist Asigra. The Enterprise Backup service allows Claranet customers greater flexibility and control over their data management practices and in conjunction with Business Backup, a service aimed at smaller businesses, forms part of a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery portfolio.

Enterprise Backup is a remote backup and archiving service that supports a wide range of environments, including physical and virtual services, different operating systems, databases and public cloud services. The service is built on industry-leading Asigra software which, compresses, encrypts and transfers copies of selected data to a secure backup platform in Claranet’s UK-based data centres. The service is based on agent-less architecture and does not require the software to be installed on every target server on a customer’s network, keeping deployment, management and maintenance time to a minimum.

As part of the Enterprise Backup service Claranet recommends analysing which data sets are most important to the organisation and determining how often they should be backed up. Claranet then takes a central role in helping its customers configure their data backup policies. As customers are charged for the amount of data they store on the platform, this consultative approach ensures that they only store exactly what they need, delivering the best possible return on investment.

Martin Saunders, Claranet’s Technical Director, commented:

Increasingly the real value of a business doesn’t sit in its physical assets but in its data. It has become the foundation of every modern business, no matter the industry, so the need for a robust data protection strategy has never been more pressing. The challenge is that this data can be stored in multiple locations and the amount of data within organisations is increasing exponentially. Not all of this data is of equal importance, so deploying a one-size-fits-all data backup solution won’t achieve the desired results and would be unnecessarily costly. Also many organisations are still using expensive and unreliable tape technology for backup, and in some cases storing backups on site.”

We’ve launched our Enterprise Backup service to give our customers greater choice, control, flexibility and confidence over how they protect their business critical data. As a company we’ve got years of expertise in a wide range of industry-leading backup technologies, as well as full ownership of a secure network and data centres, meaning that we are in a strong position to deliver tailored solutions that meet our customers’ requirements. Moreover, using the latest in data analytics tools, we play an active role in helping our customers sift through their data and determine backup configurations that deliver peace of mind for the best possible price.”