Claranet launches Clara Max - Its new up to 8Mb broadband offering.

Claranet today launched Clara Max Business - its new range of broadband products with faster download speeds of up to 8Mb. With the need for businesses to run high bandwidth applications such as video streaming, real-time office file browsing, large file sharing, and connection to remote workers, faster broadband speeds are now essential.

Clara Max Business offers a complete broadband package to suit all businesses, starting from £66.67/month. As well as fast broadband access, customers will receive many valuable extras, such as the high-end hosting solution Clarahost Professional and their own account manager to call on for advice.

Claranet is offering two Clara Max Business services: Standard and Premium. Each gives a different level of service. With Clara Max Premium, customers receive faster upload speeds and better download performance at peak usage times.

Andrew Cooper, Claranet's Sales Director, said:

Due to customer demand for high bandwidth, we've worked hard to launch our Clara Max up to 8Mb broadband offering. Our rigorous testing process has delayed this launch slightly, so that we can be sure to deliver a robust product. This attention to detail reflects Claranet's continued commitment to its business customers.