Claranet joins the Cloud Industry Forum

Claranet has formally joined the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), the industry body established to promote trust, security, and transparency within the cloud sector.

We have recently launched a new suite of cloud computing services based on the delivery of enterprise-class services, delivered locally that fully integrate computing and network provisioning.

Our new service – Claranet Virtual Data Centre – has been developed to meet the needs of the mid-market looking to migrate to the cloud. The new service addresses the key cloud proposition: the ability to control costs, scalability and speed of implementation.

Michel Robert, managing director, Claranet UK, stated:

Our cloud proposition is based on the highest levels of certification, and the best technologies available on the market. Crucially our offering brings together computing and network provisioning, which delivers lower connectivity costs and increased choice; and reliability, which means reliable, high-performance cloud services are now available to all companies of all sizes.

Our own research shows that many end-users are delaying their cloud migration strategy by as much as a year and have some very real concerns over data sovereignty, security, and perceived fear about losing control. The continued success of the cloud depends upon the industry’s ability to address these issues. In this respect, the Cloud Industry Forum provides an invaluable service in both educating end-users as well as acting as an industry-wide champion for cloud service providers.

Andy Burton, Chairman of CIF and CEO of Fasthosts, added:

Claranet’s focus on the concerns of end-users within the mid-market makes the company a particularly welcome addition to CIF. The findings from their own recent research make for some interesting reading in terms of market drivers within the sector. Along with existing members, I am sure that Claranet will make an important contribution to the work that we do as an organisation in the drive for industry-wide standards encompassing accountability, transparency, and capability in order to provide comfort and clarity to end-users seeking to move to the cloud.