Claranet enables affordable enterprise email for small businesses

Claranet enables affordable enterprise email for small businesses

Low cost, reliable email system makes exchange accessible to even the smallest companies.

Claranet, the managed services provider that develops, supports and manages communication and information technology for business, have partnered with Microsoft to provide an enterprise level email service to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Email has become a business-critical tool, and the temporary or permanent loss of email can cripple a business, resulting in lost revenue, lost customers and the inability to conduct day-to-day business.

While larger companies can afford to employ their own IT department, SMEs are rarely able to afford either the up-front costs, or the valuable time required, to manage their own email systems.

Claranet Business Email eliminates the expense and constant IT support issues typically encountered by small firms that try to run their own exchange servers. Based on Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Claranet's new service features rich functionality for sorting, prioritising, delegating and managing email, allowing small businesses to take control of their inboxes.

The new exchange server includes features which help companies to increase their productivity. Group calendars streamline scheduling by exposing free or busy time for employees, as well as shared resources such as meeting rooms. It also provides task lists for basic project management and co-ordinating activities. Address books allow employees to maintain and share contact information across the company, while public folders enable staff to organise and share files.

Claranet's Group Product Manager, Martin Saunders, said:

Many smaller businesses lack the IT skills and expert advice to make the best and safest use of email, and can rarely afford to employ dedicated IT staff. Claranet Business Email is the perfect tool for SMEs, providing them with a fast, secure and reliable email system, without the usual large start-up costs. By outsourcing their email needs to Claranet, small enterprises are left free to concentrate on building their business.

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About Claranet

Claranet was established in 1996 as a dial-up Internet access provider in the UK. The company's sustained profitability has resulted in continuous reinvestment, transforming Claranet into a multi-national managed service provider.

Today Claranet provides flexible and tailored network infrastructure that performs to the requirements of its 300,000 customers across six European countries and the US. Claranet customers have confidence in their connectivity. They are served by experienced, innovative and dependable technicians.

Claranet commits to the highest standard of service level agreement.

About Martin Saunders

Martin is an expert in product management for the Internet sector. He successfully product managed the UK's first 8Mb ADSL broadband product and the first symmetrical broadband product.

He has over a decade's experience in the Internet industry and has been highly influential in the rapid development of business and residential Internet communications.

Prior to joining Claranet, Martin managed AOL's Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) strategy, leading the migration of over 200,000 AOL customers from BT's network to their own.

As Claranet's Group Product Manager, Martin oversees the deployment of new products, processes and procedures to serve customer requirements.

He was recently responsible for launching Claranet's revolutionary VPN:ng service that enables users to build a cost-effective and dependable private network.