Claranet To Deliver Ten Times Faster Core Bandwidth

Claranet completing £2.3m core network upgrade

Claranet, the Internet experts that develop, support and manage communication and information technology for business, is due to complete a major investment to upgrade its network at the end of November 2006.

The investment will see the introduction of £2.3 million worth of the latest Gigabit (Gb) switch router (GSR) technology - the Cisco GSR XR. This router technology is heavily deployed in the United States and has been proven in Claranet's laboratory tests. Claranet is one of the UK's earliest adopters of this technology in a core network.

This upgrade will deliver a ten-fold speed increase to Claranet's core network, from 1Gb to 10Gb. The low jitter, low latency connection is exceptionally resilient. The technology's failover speed is second to none. Should the primary network fail, the automatic switch to a redundant network is achieved within milliseconds.

Mike Rogers, Claranet's Technical Director says:

Claranet has always focused on quality of service and delivering the greatest value to our customers. We are the first in the UK to build a core network with this router technology. This investment achieves a network prepared for the future demands of Claranet's high-performance business customers.

Our customers don't necessarily know how their data requirements are going to grow. Our network upgrades remove any potential customer concerns by ensuring that the Claranet network can support their future network requirements such as VoIP, video or any other contemporary business critical application. With a quality of service orientated network to our core data centres, we ensure that our customers achieve low latency and jitter for real time applications.

Seven routers have been deployed and bedded-in over the last seven weeks. The eight router, four site ring around Claranet's key Docklands data centre in London is due to be completed by Monday 27th November.

About Claranet

Claranet was established in 1996 as a dial-up Internet access provider in the UK. The company's sustained profitability has resulted in continuous reinvestment, transforming Claranet into a multi-national managed services provider.

Today Claranet provides flexible and tailored network infrastructure that performs to the requirements of its 300,000 customers across six European countries and the US.

Claranet customers have confidence in their connectivity. They are served by experienced, innovative and dependable technicians.

Claranet commits to the highest standard of service level agreement.