Claranet Cyber Security launches Endpoint Detection and Response

New threat hunting service to protect networks before attacks evolve

Claranet Cyber Security have today announced the launch of a new Endpoint Detection and Response service as part of its growing Managed Security Services portfolio for customers.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is an anti-virus replacement, providing real-time monitoring and detection of malicious events on endpoints. By analysing threat patterns and suspicious activities, EDR recognises the indicators of an attack as well as an actual attack, many of which are invisible to legacy antivirus solutions. Endpoints are often defined as end-user devices, such as mobile devices, laptops, and desktop PCs, although hardware such as servers in a data centre also fit into this category.

Claranet’s EDR service is in response to the growing threat of cyber-attacks on organisations. According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019 published by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, 32% of all businesses in the UK suffered a cyber breach in the past 12 months. This figure rises to 72% for large organisations in the UK. Respondents from large firms reported an average of 12 attacks per year and medium-sized firms an average of six attacks per year.

However, the ability to prevent or remediate an advanced attack is still out of reach for most organisations. Fast reactions to prevent or contain a potential breach requires a combination of technology and resources. A lack of expertise and the high cost of sustaining a quality service, means that many organisations are turning to managed security service providers to fill this gap.

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Commenting on the launch of the service Alex Hunt, Security Operations Team Leader at Claranet, said:

“We all know there is a growing threat of malware and malicious activity, but many organisations don’t have the right tools to detect or the in-house skills and time to prevent or contain an attack.
“EDR helps deal with malicious threats before they can harm the endpoint, cause costly downtime, and prevent heavy financial penalties through ransom payments, reputational damage, and regulatory fines.
“Our aim is to provide fully managed protection that hunts down potential threats, provides in-depth investigation of suspicious activity, and protects the network before the attack evolves.
“Underpinning the EDR service is our Security Operations Centre, with skilled analysts managing everything from install, software configuration, and on-going threat investigation to ensure our customers receive a consistently high level of protection.”

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