Claranet COVID-19 Statement

Claranet has been closely monitoring the rapidly evolving Covid-19 outbreak and its potential impact on our staff, services, partners and customers. Our top priorities are the welfare of our staff and our ability to continue delivering a high-quality service for our customers.

Our staff are being briefed on a regular basis, and support provided where necessary. We are monitoring the guidance from the World Health Organisation and local authorities in each country. The rapidly evolving situation means that we are reviewing our guidelines on meetings, travel and remote working on a daily basis.

We have tested our Business Continuity Plans, with office closures and remote working in all of our operating countries. These plans have been in place for several years and have been tested regularly as part of our certifications. All of our latest tests have been successful, and we are confident that Claranet can continue to provide a high level of service in a protracted period of remote working and travel limitations. We had already equipped our staff with the latest online collaboration tools and use these regularly as part of our normal working practices. Any staff that are required to attend meetings, data centres or customer sites will do so only if it is not against local health advice or our evolving guidelines at the time the visit is due. We will of course also take into account any policies from our customers and partners when visiting them. Where possible, we encourage using online alternatives and remote working.

As the spread of Covid-19 is expected to escalate, we are taking proactive steps to minimise the risk to our staff and their loved ones. Special attention is given to those with conditions that put them at heightened risk or with close relatives that need their support.

We are working closely with our customers to ensure that we can respond to short-term requests as a result of disruptions due to the outbreak. We are also liaising closely with our partners and suppliers to ensure operations remain unaffected.

As a supplier and specialist of online services, we can also play a part in helping our customers get the most of online technologies. Please do not hesitate to contact us through the usual channels if you believe we can help you or your business. You can rest assured that all the team at Claranet are working tirelessly to ensure that we can support our staff and customers through this difficult time.

Yours sincerely,
Charles Nasser, Founder & CEO