Claranet commits to the highest standard of service level agreement. Claranet steps up web defence with Prolexic

Claranet, one of Europe's largest Managed Services Provider (MSP), today announced that it is offering its clients the highest level of protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, by partnering with Prolexic Technologies.

The MSP is complementing its current DDoS mitigation offering with Prolexic's Clean Pipe solution, which responds in real time to DDoS attacks, impeding them at multiple layers and enabling legitimate traffic to continue to reach its destination. Other DDoS mitigation solutions - in particular hardware devices - are unable to withstand the rapidly increasing magnitudes of today's attacks.

Claranet has a number of gaming and payment solution providers as customers, which have typically been prime targets for web attacks and therefore require the highest level of security to continue to do business.

Marino Zini, Claranet, Director of Managed Services said:

DDoS is an escalating problem and we have a responsibility to provide our customers with clean, consistent bandwidth. Prolexic provides a cutting edge, dynamic solution with an expert team that responds 24/7, so we are confident we are offering our customers the best possible service.

Gus Cunningham, UK MD, Prolexic said:

With online gaming businesses at particular risk and the increasing ferocity of attacks we have been seeing, it is essential that ISPs look at a dynamic solution that can cope with large and persistent attacks. Claranet's decision to adopt Clean Pipe as its DDoS mitigation offering is a valuable endorsement of Prolexic's ability to keep businesses going throughout any size of attack.

Prolexic will be at Claranet's exhibitor stand at the European i-Gaming Congress, Barcelona, 11-13 October.

About Prolexic

Prolexic Technologies provides cutting edge solutions that protect Internet operations from the debilitating service disruptions caused by DDoS attacks. Prolexic's patent-pending Clean Pipe Virtual Transport® network offers solutions that keeps its clients' Internet-facing infrastructures free of DDoS traffic. Without making major adjustments or multimillion-dollar investments in their existing hardware infrastructures, Prolexic's customers rest assured that their network borders are secure and can thus focus on what is really important: their businesses.