Claranet and Dell extend relationship

Claranet are pleased to announce that we are extending our relationship with Dell following the launch of our Virtual Data Centre cloud offering. The new service, developed to meet the needs of companies looking to migrate their internal IT infrastructure to the cloud, is based on Dell servers, the compute element of the infrastructure supporting the Virtual Data Centre service.

With cloud set to change the business IT landscape, Dell has invested over $1bn globally to deliver solutions, services and cloud-based options to help customers capture the benefits from new compute and information delivery advances. Dell has been active in the cloud market for some time, offering open, capable and affordable solutions across hardware and services.

The new cloud computing service from Claranet – Virtual Data Centre - is based on the delivery of enterprise-class services, fully integrating computing and network provisioning, addressing the key proposition of cloud deployments: the ability to control costs, scalability and speed of implementation.

Michel Robert, managing director, Claranet UK, stated:

Cloud computing offers scalability and flexibility, and because of this, it is becoming a central part of business IT strategy for companies and organisations of all sizes. Having a major technology player like Dell commit to supporting our cloud strategy not only reinforces our existing relationship, but helps guarantee our customers high-performance cloud services based on enterprise-class technology. We are delighted to be extending our relationship with Dell and believe that their continued support will help Claranet deliver a reliable and business relevant service for our end-users.

Thomas Volk, VP EMEA for Large Enterprises, Dell, added:

At Dell, we deliver compute infrastructures that enable control, manageability and security balanced with high performance, allowing cloud service providers such as Claranet to operate efficiently and reliably. Our relationship with Claranet is one that we will both work closely on to ensure that it succeeds and this is just the first step in what we hope will be a long-term partnership both here in the UK and across Europe.