Claranet Achieves CREST OVS Accreditation for Application Security Services

Claranet, a global technology services provider, is proud to announce that it has achieved CREST OVS (OWASP Verification Standard) accreditation for its application security services. This prestigious accreditation sets a new standard for application security, ensuring that Claranet’s web and mobile testing meet internationally recognised standards of excellence.

By choosing a CREST OVS accredited provider, organisations gain access to high-quality, reputable penetration testing services. Claranet’s security assessments come with clear, standardised, and concise security reports, enabling customers to make informed decisions and enhance their security posture.

The CREST OVS accreditation signifies that Claranet’s application security testing adheres to rigorous standards, providing customers with confidence in the quality and reliability of our services. Organisations can now benefit from Claranet’s expertise in identifying vulnerabilities, assessing risks, and safeguarding their critical applications.

Jed Kafetz, Cybersecurity Practice Lead and UK CREST Council member said:

OVS will allow customers to make secure choices when looking to onboard a SaaS solution. When a SaaS provider adopts OVS, they have assurance that the application has been fully tested to a global, internationally recognised standard by a registered consultant.