Claracare protects businesses from IT amateurs

Claracare protects businesses from IT amateurs

New Claranet service manages customer premises equipment installation and fault resolution

Claranet, the Managed Services Provider that supplies, supports and manages communication and information technology for business, now prevents the problems perpetrated by have-a-go-heroes with the launch of Claracare. The new service fully manages network installation at customers’ premises, as well as providing full fault resolution after the network has been set up.

While most, if not all, businesses want their staff to use their initiative, a confident ‘can-do’ approach to the installation of complicated IT technology can be catastrophic for enterprises. Ad hoc, haphazard attempts by well-intentioned, over-enthusiastic and under-skilled staff can leave businesses disastrously disconnected from suppliers, customers and clients.

With Claracare, businesses no longer need to rely on inexperienced internal IT staff, or even non-technical staff, to install complex equipment on their premises. Claranet simply sends Cisco-trained engineers to its clients’ premises whenever they are needed.

Network installation is simply too important to be left in the hands of have-a-go heroes. Ordinary Internet Service Providers (ISPs) expect their customers to plug in and set up their own equipment, which can cause problems for companies without dedicated IT personnel. Meanwhile, bigger businesses which operate from multiple offices seldom have IT professionals at all their sites.

A Managed Service Provider like Claranet goes beyond simple Internet provision. We’re with our clients every step of the way, hosting, supporting and managing their business critical networks. Businesses can trust that their new technology will be installed and set-up by experts, not by well-intentioned laymen. This means that companies to focus on their core business activity, secure in the knowledge that their IT systems are being fully managed by experienced professionals.Martin Saunders, Claranet’s Group Product Manager

Claracare builds on Claranet’s industry-leading customer service. The average time taken for a real person to answer the customer support line is just 15 seconds, and in 2005 the company won the coveted Which? Award for Best Customer Service ISP.

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About Claranet

Claranet was established in 1996 as a dial-up Internet access provider in the UK. The company's sustained profitability has resulted in continuous reinvestment, transforming Claranet into a multi-national managed service provider.

Today Claranet provides flexible and tailored network infrastructure that performs to the requirements of its 300,000 customers across six European countries and the US. Claranet customers have confidence in their connectivity. They are served by experienced, innovative and dependable technicians.

Claranet commits to the highest standard of service level agreement.


About Martin Saunders

Martin is an expert in product management for the Internet sector. He successfully product managed the UK’s first 8Mb ADSL broadband product and the first symmetrical broadband product.

He has over a decade’s experience in the Internet industry and has been highly influential in the rapid development of business and residential Internet communications.

Prior to joining Claranet, Martin managed AOL’s Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) strategy, leading the migration of over 200,000 AOL customers from BT's network to their own.

As Claranet’s Group Product Manager, Martin oversees the deployment of new products, processes and procedures to serve customer requirements.

He was recently responsible for launching Claranet’s revolutionary VPN:ng service that enables users to build a cost-effective and dependable private network.