CIOs say the network is the key to cloud success

Ensuring that an enterprise's networks are resilient enough to support applications, data and services is a constant worry for CIOs and IT leaders, especially when these services and applications are operating from a hosted environment. Cloud computing has presented companies with a new set of challenges in building an enterprise's infrastructure, not just with regard to technology, but also in terms of data protection, service level agreements (SLAs) and contracts. Panellists at a Computing roundtable last month, sponsored by Claranet, debated the benefits and pitfalls of placing mission-critical applications in a cloud environment.

We just want to provide a service. We want the ability to flex up and down with the business and be able to add 300 people to the network easily if we need to... but we also want someone kick if it goes wrong. Doug Legge, IT Operations Manager, Berkeley Group Holdings

Article: CIOs say the network is key to cloud success
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