The anti-social network: Avoiding online darkness

A 75-year-old pensioner in Armenia cut through a fibre-optic cable, to plunge 90% of the country into online darkness for nearly 12 hours. The episode is a timely reminder that our high-tech world can be shut down.

Research carried out in October 2010 by Avanti Communications offered a snapshot of just how fundamental the internet had become to businesses. The survey of companies worldwide suggested only 1% could function adequately without the internet. More than a quarter (27%) of those surveyed said they could not function at all if the internet went down, and one in five said a week without being online would be the death of their company.

The key message is if you are going to avoid the worst, you have plan for it - and for each business, the worst will be different.
Ian Finlay, Chief Information Officer, Claranet Group

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Article: The anti-social network: avoiding online darkness
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