Hack or Protect: Navigating the Social Engineering Landscape


Friday, April 19, 2024 - 09:15 to 14:30


Wellington Place, Leeds

Event type: 

  • Seminar

Hosts: Tom Kinnaird, Cybersecurity Practice Lead and Simon Kubicsek, Offensive Security Senior Manager | Claranet Cyber Security

Join us for a deep dive on the dark side of social engineering attacks.

The average organisation is targeted by over 700 social engineering attacks per year. Join experts from Claranet and S-RM to learn how attackers deliberately manipulate their victims, and you can build crucial defensive measures to safeguard your organisation against these attacks.

Get to grips with social engineering with Simon Kubicsek and Tom Kinnaird, as they teach you the tactics attackers use, and how you can defend yourself against them.

Join Simon and Tom on this eye-opening journey, which includes:

Social engineering an attack
Introduction to social engineering attacks. Lift the veil on social engineering and learn the mindset of an attacker. Get familiar with the common types of social engineering, from OSINT to phishing, smishing, and vishing.

Unlocking the mystery of social engineering tactics
Discover the secrets behind social engineering as Simon delves into the common tactics and techniques employed by attackers to manipulate their victims. Learn how Red Teaming can demonstrate how attackers will target your organisation, so you know what defences to build.

Mastering the art of defence: Blue Teaming strategies
Explore the intricate world of Blue Teaming, where Tom demonstrates the strategies and defensive mechanisms crucial for safeguarding against these attacks. You'll learn effective countermeasures and responses tailored to detect and remediate these attacks head on.

S-RM: Interactive Attack Workshop
Participate in a live interactive workshop, led by the cyber incident response specialists at S-RM, where you respond to a lifelike social engineering-led cyber attack.

By the end of the event, you'll understand:

  • Why to continue using Penetration Testing in your cybersecurity programme and how to do so effectively
  • The risks associated with losing offensive consultancy and relying only on defence
  • How defence mechanisms work and their essential role in safeguarding organisations in the modern world
  • How Red and Blue Teaming work together to give 360 protection against attacks

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