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With 25+ years' experience in Pen testing and security training, our world-leading security experts are at the cutting edge of capability, yet engage in a friendly and outcome focused way to become an extension of your team.

Find out what you really need to know.

Our team of highly experienced security professionals will work closely with you to determine the best method of testing your infrastructure and web applications. Then we will test it for you - thoroughly!


Cybersecurity experts with a wealth of experience

Trusted by some of the largest corporations in North America

We find vulnerabilities that others don't and prioritize them for you

Penetration Testing

Pen Testing

Protect your business data, hardware, and software through a coordinated and carefully prioritised testing approach.

  • Web application testing
  • Infrastructure testing
  • Mobile app testing
  • Other testing and consultancy services

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Continuous Security Testing

Continuous Security Testing

Continued scanning of your external attack surface combined with regular scheduled manual penetration by experts.

  • Support agile application development
  • Solution for large application estates
  • Drive collaboration with dev teams

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Red teaming

Red Teaming

An all-out attempt to achieve the defined objectives by any methods available.

  • Open source intelligence and recon
  • Compromising wi-fi networks
  • Social engineering

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Complete security portfolio

Access a wide range of cybersecurity services from a single partner. We take a holistic view of the threats that organisations face and work closely with our customers to tailor the right individual approach.

We hack. We teach. We protect.

We are trusted for our research into the very latest cybersecurity threats and this knowledge continually informs all our cybersecurity services. What we learn from testing in the field feeds into our training and vice versa. It's mutually beneficial.

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