Crytek use Claranet to give gamers an outer space experience

Executive summary

Challenge: Computer game developer Crytek requires a high-performance Managed Network infrastructure linking Crytek's various offices worldwide.

Solution: A network consisting of a gigabit line partitioned into a Virtual Local Area Network, an MPLS Virtual Private Network and an IPSEC Virtual Private Network. Claranet and Crytek began their partnership with a classic network service which has developed with time, and in the process underpinned the growth of the business.

Result: Claranet's international network solution increased stability and security and provided Crytek with flexible capacity.

Reliability and security for company growth

As a company in the technically demanding computer-game industry, Crytek require a reliable connection and complete security for transmission of sensitive data packets between development sites and associate companies.

The realistic graphical depiction of alien worlds puts huge demand on computing resources. In order to sustain Crytek’s expansion and success in producing award-winning games it is crucial new sites are swiftly integrated with the rest of their network infrastructure.

The greatest challenge in this project was not the technical work but the ongoing flexible adaptation to the fast-growing company structure and the corresponding implementation of efficient solutions for connecting the international locations"

Patrick Wolf
Account Manager, Claranet


MPLS network

Claranet have installed a high-performance network for communications between Crytek's sites. The current network consists of a gigabit line divided into three tunnels.

The Claranet computer centre has a gigabit link to the Crytek network for provision of central services and test environments. Claranet guarantees round-the-clock service with network monitoring. Lines and routers are seamlessly monitored, any faults are corrected immediately and the customer is informed without delay.

Stability, security and flexible capacity

Claranet have created a system that has grown to meet Crytek's requirements. This culminated with a comprehensive international network with a stable gigabit line divided into separate tunnels to guarantee high-performance data transfer securely to sites across the globe.

Prioritisation of the internal MPLS traffic before internet traffic and the priority of voice packets over data packets guarantee the stability of internal communications.

The Crytek network is not a static structure. It develops itself and is highly dynamic. That means that we are continuously juggling bandwidths and connections to avoid dropping the ball. Our well-developed, confidential and successful relationship with Crytek is of great assistance to us.

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