Claranet breathes new life into Centra Pulse

Executive summary

Challenge: Future-proofing networks and infrastructure as demand is soaring.

Solution: A holistic solution that has three core emphases: stability, reliability and up-time.

Result: A flexible, resilient and secure solution that fully supports Centra Pulse's growth ambitions.

The challenge

The demand for enhanced alarm technology has never been greater. To meet these demands, Centra Pulse has made significant investment in advanced technology and communications equipment, updating their monitoring devices and services.

To compliment the investment in technology and continue to offer their customers a first-class service, Centra Pulse needed to find a partner that could future-proof their networks and infrastructure.

The solution

Having decided to overhaul their infrastructure, Centra Pulse approached their incumbent provider Claranet, to discuss the new solution. They went through an extensive vetting and pre-sales process before being entrusted with Centra Pulse’s business.

Claranet took the time to understand Centra Pulse, and hosted numerous sessions to work out their pain points and requirements. Armed with this knowledge, Claranet designed and implemented a holistic solution with three tenets in mind: stability, reliability and up-time.

While Centra Pulse maintains control over its applications, Claranet ensures their smooth delivery and easy management, with fully integrated network and hosting services.

Mindful of the sensitive and important nature of Centra Pulse’s data, Claranet also runs Centra Pulse’s applications on its own private and robust MPLS network, which connects, via Ethernet, their two locations with two geographically separate data centre facilities adding an additional layer of resilience. If disaster were to strike and one site failed, the other data centre is able to maintain the load, underpinning Centra Pulse’s SLAs, and ensuring continuity in line with Centra Pulse’s downtime policy.

With rapid growth predicted in the home care industry, Claranet built their solution with the future in mind, offering Centra Pulse the option of extending their services as and when the business requires it.

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The result

Claranet has been able to deliver a reliable, secure and flexible solution that can fully support Centra Pulse’s evolving technology requirements and growth ambitions. In spite of the complexity of the project, migration to the new solution went smoothly, with minimal impact on Centre Pulse’s daily operations.

One of the most important aspects of the solution is its resilience. Should anything happen to one server, traffic is automatically diverted to the other, without interrupting service delivery. Centra Pulse’s business depends upon maintaining access to customer data, so this feature is critical. The entire solution is backed up by Claranet’s rock-solid SLA, and a stable, dedicated support team that knows the solution inside out, bringing additional peace of mind.

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About Centra Pulse

Formed in 1986, Centra Pulse is the UK’s largest independent provider of telecare services delivering a range of life-saving alarm and monitoring services to almost 100 different organisations, including local authorities, and to around 100,000 people across the country.

Acquired in 2007 by the Circle Housing Group, one of the leading providers of affordable housing in the UK, Centra Pulse’s services enable vulnerable people to live independently for longer. Their bespoke alarm devices, once activated, connect directly to Centra Pulse’s call centre facilities, presenting information about their owners, including medical history, next of kin and location. The call centre operatives take the most appropriate course of action whether this is calling the emergency services, next of kin, nominated carers or simply providing a friendly voice for reassurance. The company prides itself on its SLAs and the 24/7 availability of its service.