Microsoft Azure HPC Cache solves latency issues for High Demand Processing

Flexible, file-base workloads in Azure.

Addressing an identified problem for large organizations that didn’t have the on-prem storage capacity to work high volumes of data, Microsoft developed a new product that caches automatically the active data that is located both in network-attached storage (NAS) on-premises and in Azure (Azure NetApp Files and Azure Blob Storage), avoiding their low latency.
The cache can also aggregate multiple data sources and present it as a single directory structure to clients.

By doing so, Azure’s compute clients can access data though it all originated on a single NAS filter:

Microsoft Azure High Performance Computing Cache at Claranet

Azure HPC Cache enhances productivity best for workflows like these: read-heavy file access workflow (e.g. financial services analytics), data stored in NFS-accessible storage, Azure Blob, or both (e.g. scientific analysis), compute farms of up to 75.000 CPU cores (e.g. visual effects rendering). It is offered as a pay-per-use model and can be configured in less than 10 minutes.

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