Software renovation sprint

Renew your product aligning it with the user and business needs

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Software renovation sprint is a format that helps to redesign an existing software product, no longer aligned with the needs of the business and users using, if usefull, new technologies. Starting from an analytical mapping of the status quo, it highlights the frustrations in use and the possible opportunities for evolution. It shares alignment and enables the participation of all stakeholders, to have a systemic vision of the problem and transparency on the objectives.

The software renovation sprint is dedicated to those projects and digital products which:

  • Have a very dated look & feel
  • Do not use the most modern enabling technologies (mobile, voice user interface, artificial intelligence, web3.0, etc etc)
  • Are hard to use, cause inefficiencies, loss of time, and frequent errors
  • Have “stratified” features, and this makes the software inconsistent
  • Are based on technology that is no longer supported
  • Have a conversion and use of the software below expectations

Software renovation by Claranet

Analyze, Redesign and Refactoring using collaborative way between team and stakeholder

We define a complete prototype redesign proposal appropriate to the context, which orients the product vision in the medium term, and a roadmap ready to guide the team to evolve the product immediately and in small steps.


Quantitative and Qualitative analysis

Collection of qualitative and quantitative data on users, business and some technical aspects of the product, to get information on the current scenario

Co-Creation of the new product

Co-creation of the new product concept, involving who will develop it, the customer side management and our team of experts. The outcome is sharing useful information to define the objectives of the redesign and the aspects of the new concept

Prototype and Roadmap

Creation of a prototype and a clear roadmap, both useful for the implementing product evolutions and the next step project.

Our offer software renovation sprint

AWS provides tools and solutions to help customers get more value from their data, while Claranet offers its expertise in consulting and technical implementation of these tools to meet business use cases up to managed services so that customers can focus on their business. AWS and Claranet meet the needs of a global Data approach for companies: from understanding the customer's challenges, to implementing solutions (exploration, design, optimization, analysis) to follow-up and monitoring.

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Basic Use Case Moderate Use Case Complex Use Case
Lean UX 5-10 Days 10-15 Days To be defined
Workshop De Visu 1 Day 2 Days To be defined
Report 5 Day 10 Days To be defined
Price 7k 12k To be defined


A prototype that gives a solid and concrete vision of the future of the product as we have redesigned it, which the customer can also use independently to evolve his software.

Cross functional team

The presence of a cross-functional team - (designer and software engineers) - throughout the format, which validates the feasibility of the hypotheses with a rapid feedback cycle.

Methodology support

Our support for the manage and the creation of the modernized product with a team of experts, already in line with what has been said and planned.


An action roadmap agreed together, which allows the most important improvement actions to be implemented immediately, using an iterative and incremental way.

The value of software renovation sprint in our clients' projects

Discover the contribution of this format to the design of the product to be renewed, why we do it and what it enables.

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