Cloud Swift Bridge

Evolve your desktop software into a native cloud application on AWS integrated with your on-premise database

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Cloud Swift Bridge by Claranet

It is a service designed to help companies modernise their desktop applications installed on their employees' PCs, transforming them into serverless native cloud solutions while maintaining integration with various types of on-premise databases, such as SAP HANA.

With this approach, applications become more accessible, scalable and efficient, while reducing operational costs and ensuring data security.

Cloud Swift Bridge by Claranet is a solution dedicated to those digital projects and products that:

  • They are based on on-premise desktop applications installed on PCs and use on-premise databases, such as SAP HANA
  • Require greater accessibility and scalability to support business growth
  • In need of modernisation to keep up with market requirements
  • They want to improve resource management and reduce operating costs with a serverless architecture
  • They want to ensure security and data protection during the transition to the cloud


Analysis, design and implementation of native serverless cloud solutions, using a collaborative team and stakeholder approach and integrating different on-premise databases.

Development of a customised migration strategy adapted to your business context, ensuring a smooth transition to a serverless architecture and integration with your on-premise database.


  • A secure transition of your on-premise data: we migrate your cloud-native application serverless in a secure and reliable manner, integrating the serverless architecture with the various on-premise databases used by your company
  • Customised design and implementation: we help you modernise your on-premise desktop applications, ensuring greater accessibility and scalability through serverless architecture
  • Cost and resource optimisation: Reduced costs and resource requirements through the use of a scalable and flexible native serverless cloud infrastructure
  • Scalability and security with AWS Cloud Services: We offer you the possibility to modernise your on-premise desktop applications, transforming them into scalable and secure solutions that meet your business needs while maintaining secure connections between AWS and on-premise

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