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PSTN 2027 switch off

How prepared are you?

The clock is ticking on the 2027 PSTN Switch Off… Futureproof your business now.

By 31st January 2027, UK analogue PSTN services will be switched off. The PSTN is the national infrastructure that underpins traditional phonelines, ISDN, and ADSL2. Unless you have moved to an all-IP approach, your internet will be switched off, phones will be silenced, and your security alarms will no longer operate. Act now to get your business up to speed.

Let us help you plan for your future

Claranet can help to identify all your legacy systems and devices that will stop working in 2027, as well as plan and migrate services to a version of SIP or Voice for your voice connectivity.

Why choose Claranet?

  • PSTN switch off migration expert advice included
  • Get the most from existing hardware
  • Consolidate suppliers and save time and cost
  • Ease of transition to IP voice services at the right time
  • UK support 24x7x365 included

Timeline of activity


PSTN End of Life January 2027

Services on PSTN will no longer work. Mitigate the risk to your business... now.

Plan and migrate to a futureproofed business.
Reduce costs and increase operational

How could PSTN switch off affect my business?


“The PSTN switch off is a deadline we cannot ignore, but it has also given us the impetus to improve the way we operate. With Claranet's expert support, it's a fantastic change for our business. ”

Kieron Butcher, CTO, Fusion Lifestyle

PSTN switch off - key business benefits

Enable Hybrid Work

Enable Hybrid Work

Embrace flexible working, remove physical phone lines, and migrate to All IP future.

Increase flexibility

Increase flexibility

Scale your business as required with a flexible infrastructure.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

IP Solutions require less hardware infrastrucutre and lower upfront costs.