Helping our customers do amazing things

We understand that the quality of the service we provide reflects directly on you and your organisation. We appreciate that our service is often an integral part of your service to your customers and we take our role in that relationship very seriously. We know that giving you the service you need frees you up to do amazing things.

Why the Claranet experience is different

  • Expertise you can rely on
  • Continually improving is at the heart of how we work. We strive to be excellent in our field while working to make things simple for you. We’re easy to work with and are here to give you advice when you need it.

    There are very few partners with a suitable pedigree in both hosting and networks, but Claranet has that expertise. As a result of the initial networking partnership, we were then able to migrate our Autowork and Autopart software to Claranet's managed virtual hosting service."


  • Reliability and security built-in
  • We know the services we provide are often critical to your business. We continually invest in the people, processes and technology to keep you safe and your systems up.

    What this means for our customer is that they have the assurance that their data is looked after by an organisation that takes security and quality assurance seriously. In fact, the data is far more secure than it would be if our clients hosted it on their premises."

    Third Financial

  • Commitment to partnership
  • Claranet act as if your business is our business. We are committed to fostering great relationships and really care about what we do. We look to get you results quickly while helping you plan for the long term.

    We have been a Claranet customer for over eight years now and during that time the Group has experienced rapid growth, largely by acquisition. From the point of view of our networks, this might have posed significant integration problems, but at every turn, Claranet has been fast to react, and have evolved the solution to meet our often-complex requirements.”


  • What our customers say about our support
  • "Claranet’s technological expertise is plain to see – they understood our requirements immediately – but it has been the overall service wrap that has impressed us the most. They have been agile and flexible at every turn, working with us to ensure that the solution is functioning the best way possible. Every time we have asked for advice or assistance they have been responsive, getting the right people to us at the right time. What’s different about Claranet is that they do what they say they’re going to do, when they say they’re going to do it. The team is up-front and easy to work with. We have constant access to engineers and project managers, as well as the senior management team.”

    Circle Housing

    “In all of our interactions with the team at Claranet, we feel that we are an important customer, and that they have respect for the relationship. We know that, should we need it, we have access to the most senior executives in the business. This is invaluable to us. It’s important to have that level of commitment from an organisation when we are staking so much of our future success on this investment.”

    Harvey Nichols

    “Claranet offered the most comprehensive solution, with an SLA that covered the whole service and guaranteed application availability. We also now have peace of mind knowing that, no matter what, an unknown third party supplier can’t turn off the website – everything is securely managed in Claranet’s cloud environment.”

    Amnesty International

    "With its hybrid cloud model, Claranet combined the flexibility of the public cloud with the resilience of the private, while ensuring that the applications were constantly monitored, optimised and managed in real-time to ensure maximum performance and availability.”

    Channel 5

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Rely on our expertise, focus on your business

Claranet understands just how important IT is to our customers’ businesses. We take the trust that our customers place in us very seriously and are completely focused on ensuring that all elements of the services we provide continually reflect this understanding.”

Wiebe Nauta
Operations Director, Claranet UK

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