Connecting to the public cloud

Just put it in the public cloud. Easy peasy.

Simple as putting something on a shelf, surely? But with less chance of putting your back out, like you did last Christmas reaching for that tinsel right at the back of the cupboard.

But as you know, the public cloud is not that simple. AWS might be pretty good, but you’ve still got to get there, which means you have to go over the public internet, a task which carries the technological risk equivalent of taking down a box of Christmas decorations after a quart of eggnog.

So, the public cloud doesn’t exist in a silo. It has to be integrated into your IT estate, and the network is the connecting piece.

If your network is rubbish, the public cloud will frustrate you. But despite being the most underdeveloped element of enterprise IT infrastructure networks are also the fastest-advancing.

But all networks are the same, we thought?

Not so: the biggest challenge facing progressive businesses is no longer procuring bandwidth, it’s managing complexity. And with the explosion of cloud services and an ever increasing number of internet connected devices, businesses have a greater reliance on connectivity than ever before, with more data flowing across both private networks and the public internet.

Careful management of your network will allow your business to operate in a secure yet highly agile way.