What kind of security test is right for you? A buyers guide to the key differences and terminology


Miércoles, 20 Enero, 2021 - 11:00 to 12:00



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Presenter: Jack Stepek, Penetration Tester and IASME Cyber Essentials Lead Assessor.

Join Jack from Sec 1, part of Claranet Cyber Security, for a webinar discussing the key differences between the most popular security services, including coverage, terminology and expected outcomes.
This high-level view will help you understand and choose the services which best suit your organisation.

The session will cover:
• Vulnerability Assessments
• Penetration Testing
• Red Teaming
• Continuous Security Testing

There will also be a panel of senior testers available for Q&A following the webinar so you can have all your questions answered by the experts!